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Trekking in Sikkim

Namaste to everyone, we at hidden Paradise Adventure Tours are know taking bookings for Treks for all of 2014, we are the only company  that is based solely in Sikkim & West Bengal. We are committed to fair trade and employment, we only employ local people, give to local charities, by doing this all of our …

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Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours Sikkimese Treks for 2014

Namaste to all our future friends, Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours will be offering the same outstanding services as last year, last year was a great year for us and we want to make 2014 even better, so why not book a trek and see the Hidden Paradise which is Sikkim Regards Dawa, U.T & Tim

Himalayan Peoples Project in Nepal

Hidden Paradise adventure tours are proud to announce that from 2014 they shall be working in partnership with the Himalayan Peoples Project to provide treks and tours in the beautiful country of Nepal,  the Himalayan Peoples Project like ourselves are committed to helping the poor villages within the regions, by booking a trek through the Himalayan …

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Happy New Year to all Our old and new friends

Namaste to everyone, my name is Dawa Tsering  and i am the CEO of Sikkim number 1 Trekking company Hidden Paradise adventure tours, we offer a great selection of treks in Sikkim and West Bengal as well specialist tours within this beautiful state, so why not have a look at our itineraries and book the holiday …

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Maenama Wildlife Sanctuary

Maenama Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1987, covers an area of around 35 km², in South Sikkim” India” The literal meaning of Manama-la is “treasure-house of medicines”, and the flora of the sanctuary is rich in a number of plants of medicinal value, The first wildlife sky walk of India will be coming up in Maenam wildlife sanctuary, …

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Kitam Bird Sanctuary in South Sikkim

Travelers are voting Kitam Bird Sanctuary as the best bird sanctuary in Sikkim, so why not book a trek to see the beautiful bird life of sikkim with Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours. Contact Dawa Tsering through our Contacts Page.  

Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary

This year Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours will be pushing to get more people to visit some of the great and beautiful sights in West Bengal. Why not visit and stay in the beautiful  Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary and see all of the Animals of Northern India in their natural surroundings Why not visit Darjeeling and see the …

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Trekking in Sikkim 2014

Namaste to all of our new and future friends, last year we provided 1st class services for our friends from the UK, Thailand, Ukraine and many from India, this year we want to provide the same services to many more trekkers so why not book up one of our many outstanding and beautiful treks and …

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North Sikkim Trek

Namaste to everyone, Dawa and Tim would like to invite anyone who would like to join us on our trek to Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary in North Sikkim, we will be leaving on the 22nd October for 10 days, staying in Lachen and Lachen, if you are interested contact us

Money raised in the Uk for St anthonys school

Thanks to My business partner in the Uk Mr Timothy Atkinson for his amazing garden at this years Southport flower show which helped raise £500 for the children of St Anthonys school in Mungpoo.