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dawa april 13

Mr Dawa tsering sherpa CEO of Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours enjoying a well earned break at Tsokha camp

Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours is based in Yuksam and has been a leading trekking company since 1991 and we are pleased to welcome you to the Sikkim Himalaya. Our company is the only one that puts the money it makes directly back into the hillside communities within Sikkim. The company was formed in 1991 by Mr U Bhuia and seven years ago Mr Dawa Tsering became his business  partner. After many years of working the trails of Sikkim, Mr Tsering then honed his survival and mountaineering skills in the Indian army, after serving 3 years he returned to serve his community. Our company offers you a window into the natural beauty of this rich and versatile landscape and the bio-diversity, flora and fauna as well as a glance into the very different life styles of the Sikkimese people. Mr. U. Bhutia is a senior member of KCC 9 Kanchendzonga Conservation Commitee) and as so is dedicated to the protection of this stunningly beautiful national park.  We  can organise tours,treks and expeditions anywhere and any month of the year in Sikkim, we come highly recommended by the Sikkimese Tourism department. 

In 2012 we started running treks to the Ladakh region of the Himalayas, for futher information check out the itineries.


Rhododendron barbatum forest on the Goecha la trek