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River rafting & Kayaking

White River Rafting in Sikkim

White River Rafting in Sikkim and Darjeeling is at an amateur level .The famous Rivers like Rangit and Teesta offers a wonderful experience that is  not to be missed by the adventure enthusiasts.The thrill of riding the wild rapids and the rush of adrenalin through your body is a great feeling hard to duplicate.The roller coaster ride over the frothing white waters of Teesta and Rangit leave you breatheless and hungry for more.

      Rafting down the Rangeet                                        

Makha to Rangpo: this is a beginners stretch with spectacular scenery as you float through Sirwani and Mamring

Sikip to Melli: this is the next level, you will feel like you have been on a rollercoaster ride as you quickly pass through Jorethang and Mamring

Bordang to Melli: the rapids on this stretch are grades 2-3-4, not for the beginner, this swirling ride down the Teesta takes approx 4 and a half hours

Or if you want to challenge your skills why not hire a kayak and take a thrilling ride on the high currents of many of Sikkims rivers like the Teesta or the Rengeet