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Round Trek (+5100m)

Round Trek (+5100m)

The Singalila Range and Tenzin-Hillary Trail which winds it way towards Mount Khanchendzonga is one of the most famous Eco-Tourism treks in the world. It is also famous for the beautiful lakes of west Sikkim hence also known as “The Lakes Trek”. It lies in the heart of Khanchendzonga National Park and has a rich Bio-Diversity.

Beautiful forests of Rhododendron, magnolia and abies and many varieties of Primula plus many  herbal flowers above the range gives a refreshing journey to the trekkers that take this route,  One can see the majestic view of some of the world famous mountains and may also see  some rare wild animals like Red Panda, Bluesheep, Himalayan Bear, Snow Leopard and many more.

There are many campsites at different elevations in this Range.This is the most famous trek in Sikkim and starts from Uttarey and ends at Yuksam.
More than 32 lakes are found on this trek. Such as Hans Pokhari, Lam Pokhari, Jamley Pokhari, Mujur Pokhari, Nil Pokhari, Rakta Pokhari, Laxmi, Pokhari, Doodh Pokhari, etc.


All these lakes are sacred and blessed by Guru Rinporche during his visit to Sikkim and all these lakes have deep meaning and stories attached to them.

Day 1. Bagdogra to Gangtok
Approx 7 hours drive
Pick up from Bagdogra airport and drive to the capital of Sikkim Gangtok, you will pass by Tea plantations, tropical forests, rivers and lakes, through villages bushelling with life, evening free to explore Gangtok, overnight stay in hotel on a B&B basis
Day 2. Gangtok to HEE BERMIOK Approx 4 1/2 hours drive
After breakfast we will drive to  where you will spend the rest of the day visiting the Hee bermiok Heritage Village and partake in the  Local Sightseeing cultural programme in the evening, overnight stay in hotel on a B&B basis
Day 3. HEE BERMIOK(1800) to Samma Taar Nature Camp(2694) Distance 8KM
After breakfast, the trek will start, you will trek through forests of Oak and rhododendrons, overnight stay in tents
Day 4. SAMMA TAAR(2694) to Barsey(2980) Distance 6KM
After breakfast we will trek into the famous barsey rhododendron sanctuary, within Barsey you will see many different types of rhododendron as well as many other flora and fauna which also includes the rare red panda, overnight stay in tents

View from Bersay with Rhdodendrons Arboreum and barbatum in foreground and falconeri on mass in background

Day 5. BARSEY(2980) to Jorebotey(3029) Distance 8km
After breakfast, we will trek towards jorebotey, passing forests of rhododendrons, this sanctuary is also home to the rare red panda plus many other beautiful sikkimese flora and fauna, overnight stay in tents
Day 6. JOREBOTEY(3029) to Phokta(3733) Start:3029m End:3733m
After breakfast we will trek steeply up towards Phokta, Situated at 3733m, Phoktay is famous for the hill top view point to witness the panaromic view of: Mt.Everest, Mt.Daulagiri, Mt.Makalu, Mt.Lhotse, Mt.Nuptse and in the east one can see the magnificent view of: Mt.Khanchendzonga, Mt.Pandim, Mt.Kabru, Mt.Narsing, Mt.Rathong, Mt.Sinolchu, Mt.Kokthang. One can also see the ariel view of Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary,green and blossoming,a nature’s paradise, Darjeeling, Phalut, Sandhakpu, Nunthaley view point can be seen from here. For the majestic sunrise and sunset, Phoktey Dara is considered as a very extraordinary view point of Sikkim. overnight stay in tents
Day 7. PHOKTAY(3733) to Chewabhanjyang(3248) Start: 3733m End:3248m
Chewabhanjyang Pass,located at an elevation of 10,300 ft is one of the important and famous Pass in the Indo-Nepal border.The name Chewabhanjyang means a ‘peeping valley’ in the local Limboo language.Lies under Indo-Nepal Pass,it has a famous trade route connecting many villages of sikkim and nepal.
Day 8. CHEWABHANJYANG to Dhor Start: 3248m End:3800m
After breakfast we will take a gentle uphill traverse through forest and then over a more exposed hillside brings us to prayer flags adorning our first pass and views of distant mountains – a taste of what is to come. As we gradually gain height we will appreciate the previous day’s acclimatization. The occasional yak herder’s hut is the only sign of habitation as we look down far below to the rice fields and cardamom plantations. Our camp is in a remote and sheltered hollow below the ridge
Day 9. Dhor to Sikkimey Megu Start:3800m End:3940m
Rising just before dawn, a five-minute walk onto the ridge may reveal the spectacular sight of the sunrising on both Everest and Khanchendzonga. after this we will have breakfast, this days trek takes approx 7 hours and throughout the day we descend and climb, maintaining a steady height, spiraling from one side of the ridge to the other until a rough steep ascent takes us across a pass. Beyond, the trail winds its way steadily through rhododendron forests and past several Hindu shrines where a second easier pass drops down to our camp close to a shepherd’s summer settlement. Look out for the Blue Sheep on the high craggy mountainside.
Day 10. Sikkimey Megu to Laxmi Pokhari Start:3940m End:4630m
After breakfast We head towards Pokhari, todays trek is on a good trail through woods until we begin a steady rise up a broad valley where we catch our first closer view of the entire Kabru range dominated by Mount Pandim (6,691mtr.). A further 2 hours of ascent will get us to our camp with Everest and a host of other Khumbu giants dominating the distant skyline. An afternoon of rest and acclimatization for the following day’s foot slogging.
Day 11. Laxmi Pokhari to Gomathang Start:4630m  End: 3900m
Now we are in high mountain country and the forests lie far below. For the past two days we have been walking in Nepal-sikkim Border and today we pass the sacred lake of Laxmi Pokhari, which marks our entry back into Sikkim. A little snow underfoot can be expected as we climb to our first pass, the Danphe Bhir La(the Pass of the Pheasant) which is at 4,530 meters, . From here it is possible to see the whole of Sikkim with the view stretching out well into Tibet and Bhutan. A further hour’s contouring and a small ascent reveals the Kag Bhir La (the Pass of the Crow) where we may be lucky enough to catch a towering panorama view of the Himalayan peaks including Khanchendzonga. Reluctantly, we then must head downhill making a steep descent to our riverside camp.
Day 12. Gomathang to Tikip Chu Start:3900m  End: 3850m
After breakfast We will leave our lovely meadow camp to climb through forests of sweet smelling silver fir and rhododendrons. Soon we are in high mountain terrain again. Look out for the brightly colored Danphe birds (Impeyan Pheasant), which nest in the high crags around the Kamsey La, 4,200 mtr. As we drop down into the meadows of Kokling, we are already looking up at our next pass of 4,300 mtr. that we reach with a steady ascent up a steep crag to a skyline dominated by the dizzying pinnacles and icy cliffs of Kanchedzonga. Once again we end the day’s hike with a steep descent to our campsite by the Tikip Chu, which has its source high on the Rathong mountains (6,679 mtr.).
Day 13. Tikip Chu to Dzongri Start:3850m End: 3950m
Tikip Chu to Dzongri – 3 hrs. 4,030 mtr. ·Today our route joins the regular trail up to the Goecha La. A steady climb through ancient fir forest, juniper and rhododendrons gradually opens out to the summer pastures of Dzongri. Another high camp, but we should be well acclimatized by now probably in contrast to some of the trekkers we meet who could be on day 3 of their Dzongri Trek at 4,000 mtr.,
Day 14.Dzongri(3950m) Rest day
Today we will explore the area, with the chance to climb the small peaks near to the campsite for tremendous views of Mt. Khanchendzonga,Mt. Pandim,Mt. Tenzinkhang,Mt,Jopuno,Mt.Kabru,Mt. Rathong,Mt. Kokthang.. This is particularly worthwhile in the early morning and the evening. While you can rest if you wish, there will be a short acclimatization walk around the local area to help prepare us for the next few days.
Day 15. DZONGRI to Thangsing(3950m) Start:3950m End:4030m
After breakfast, we will make our way to the prek chu river and then on to thangsing, the mornings journey we take you over the top of the valley which is covered in dwarf rhododendrons and many alpine species, you then descend steeply down into the prek chu valley passing through a forest of twisted and gnarled rhododendron trees as you make your way down to the river, after lunch at trekkers hut, you follow the prek chu river towards Thangsing passing glacial moraines and forests of rhododendrons, sorbus and abies with masses of primulas carpeting the forest floor, once reaching Thangsing you are greeted with panoramic views of the Khangchendzonga mountain range, overnight stay in tents.


Day 16. THANGSING to Lamuney Start:4030m  End: 4300m
After breakfast we will start the trek to Lamuney passing through alpine meadows of dwarf rhododendrons, primulas and juniper, on this strech of the trek there is a chance to see blue sheep and the only wild yak herd in Sikkim, reach camp overnight stay in tents.
Day 17. LAMUNEY to Goechala (5010m) Start:4300m  End: 5010m
Early morning start, climb up to the goechala pass which looks into Nepal, you will pass by the sacred simati lake, return to lamuney for breakfast, after breakfast we will start the trek down to the prek chu river camp, passing alpine meadows, rhododendron forests, glacial moraines and the raging prek chu river. overnight stay in tents
Day 18. Prek chu river to Tshoka Start:3950m End:2900m
After breakfast, we will pass through huge rhododendron forests with a back drop of mount pandim on our way to phendang for lunch, after lunch decend down to Tshoka which will again have us trekking through giant rhododendron forests, reach Tshoka, overnight stay in tents
Day 19. TSHOKA to Yuksam Start:2900m End:1830m
After breakfast, decend down to Yuksam(1st capital of Sikkim), on the way down you will pass through temperate forests of Oak, Magnolias and rhododendrons which are inhabited by white monkeys, passing over raging rivers and waterfalls, making your way through tropical forests eventually reaching Yuksam, overnight stay in hotel on a b&b basis


The HMI Building at Bakkim


Day 20. Yaksum to Darjelling: drive through tea plantations to the world famous city of Darjelling, on arrival book into hotel, evening free for sightseeing, overnight stay on a b&b basis

Day 21. All Day sightseeing in Darjelling: Visit the Gurkha memorial, himalyan zoo, natural history museum, Tenzing sherpa climbing walls, the world famous mini railway and the ghoom monastery, evening free to visit Darjelling market, overnight stay in hotel on a b&b basis

Day 22. After breakfast, drive from Darjelling to Bagdogra airport  on arrival service ends

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