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Equipment You Need For Trekking

Equipment You Need For Trekking

  1. What to wear on the trail
  2. What to carry in the day pack
  3. What to pack in the duffel bags.

When the sun is out the temperature can rise up to 35 degrees celcius and while ascending high passes it can drop to below freezing . So depending upon the nature of the trek and altitude to be reached you should pack a mixture of cold and warm clothing to be worn accordingly. its best to take all the things listed just in case and do not forget that its the dzo that will be carrying your backpack.


During the day light summer clothes are fine,with warm jacket in the day pack in case of sudden change in the weather, which is a normal feature in the mountains. Evenings can be chilly and the higher you climb freezing so warm trousers, pullover and a wind cheater will be needed.  The day pack must contain all items that may be requiring on the trail. This includes a water bottle, sun protection cream, sweater or jacket,  camera,raincoat and a sun hat. The trekking equipment lists

1) the trekking boots that are well broken in and water proof or running/ tennis shoes.

2)down jackets or equivalent with hood, one heavy woollen shirt or sweater,two cotton shirts, one pair cotton shorts or trousers,one pair shorts or calf length skirt/culottes for women (skirts are more comfortable and culturally more acceptable), three pairs of regular underwear, long johns thermal or woollen, wind or rain gear with hood sun hat with a brim woollen hat or balaclava woollen mittens or gloves,woollen socks, Sleeping bag

3)personal first-aid kit including medication for common aliments such as headache, antiseptic cream, surgical tape, band aids, sunscream, biodegradable toilet kits, towel and soap,toothpaste and toothbrush, flash lights with extra batteries, sun glasses or snow goggles,water bottle, preferably wide mouthed with one litre capacity ,pocket knife and extra passport photos for permits

4)Sweets for sucking or dry fruits which will aid energy levels

the Dos and Don'ts
1. Always carry all equipments and gears before you leave for Treks.
2. Leave your all valuables,money,passport and tickets to trekking
agent or at the hotels.
3. Change foreign currencies into rupees and keep right amount only
for buying snacks,drinks,sweets,nuts and for giving tips to staff.
4. Respect local monuments.
5. Always keep safe distance from Dzos and Ponies as sometimes they
are aggresive and could harm you.
6. Take only Photos.
7. Respect local culture and tradition and dress with modesty in
temples or private houses.
8. Always follow your guide.
9. Use Biodegradable toiletries only during the trek.
10. Bring back all waste from the mountains and keep the National Park
clean and green.
11. If you want to donate anything then donate pens,books to give it to schools and local institutions.

1. Do not give money to children,as it only encourages begging.
2. Do not feed or tease animals,birds.
3. Do not pluck plants and do not take any seeds from the National Park.
4. Do not buy products made from animals skin, hair or bones.
5. Do not swim in lakes,rivers as they all are sacred to the local people.
6. Do not litter on the trail,campsites and religious areas.
7. Do not take stray from the trail as many trekkers get lost
8. Do not insist on continuing trekking if you feel sick or suffering
from altitude sickness.
9. Do not make noises in camping areas,on the trail and religious sites.
10. Do not drink alcohol in the higher altitude.
11. Do not make campfire in the National Park areas.
12. Do not use wood fuel.

Follow all these instructions and tips and you will have a wonderful trek with
Hidden paradise adventure Tours.