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Home-stay in Sikkim & West Bengal

Sikkim himalayan homestays gives an opportunity to enjoy the Religious Cultural heritage, tradition and customs of different caste and communities of the local residents of Sikkim such as Lepchas, Bhutias, Limboos, Chettris, Sherpa, Tamang, mangar, Kami Damai, Sarki, etc. Not only this,Sikkim home-stays help these people to educate themselves about how to save their environment,conserve the  forests but most importantly it gives them money to help themselves buy food and clothes where in the remote villages of Sikkim the source of income is very low.

Hidden Paradise Adventure tours are  members of the KCC (Khanchendzonga Conservation Committee).We have been doing this job for many years and are successful and highly appreciated. Homestays also provides a good opportunity to experience the wonderful taste of the local food,mostly the Sikkimese food and beverages such as Dal bhat, Seil roti, Tibetan bread, Sisnu, Saag, Churpi, Chew, Chang, traditional warm beer, Raksi, etc.while doing tours or treks in Sikkim,it is highly advised and recommended to do home- stays Because you “Experience first hand the local Culture,Tradition,Religion,Food and Beverages and help local people.”

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