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Rhododendron Trek (3000m)

Rhododendron Trek (3000m)

Day 1. BARSEY to Dentam valley Start: 2980m – End: 1463m
BARSEY (2980m): Barsey lies at an elevation of 2980m and is very famous for its Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, which has many rare species rhododendrons like Rh griffithianum, Rh grande, Rh falconeri and many more, there is also oak and magnolia here. this is also the home of the red panda and black bear. The rhododendrons all bloom during April. to May you can also see magnificent views of the mountains .The famous trekkers hut’Gurans Kunj’ which literally means house made by Rhododendron tree is in Barsey. 


Day 2. DENTAM VALLEY to Uttarey valley Start: 1463m – End: 2316m
Dentam situated at the height of (1463m), with a bird eye view from Gurasey Dara (Rhododendron forest) is the attractive village.The word Dentam derives from the word’Ten-Nem’,which literally means a flat terraced land in the limboo language.It is located in a very unique topography.This beautiful valley is famous for the Alpine Gouda Cheese Factory,a product of Indo-Swiss collaboration.
Day 3. UTTAREY VALLEY to Mainibass Falls Start: 2316m – End: 2407m
UTTAREY VALLEY (2316m): Uttarey Valley is a small and beautiful and a virgin paradise on earth.It is situated at the heiht of 7600 ft.Uttarey valley is surrounded by hilltops,waterfalls,frothing rivers,evergrëen forest,medicinal herbs and mountain hamlets.It is also famous for the base camp to Singalila everest trek.
Day 4. MAINIBASS FALLS to Barsey Start: 2407m – End: 2980m
MAINIBASS FALL (2407m): Isolated inside the lush green rhododendron and oak forest,cascading from the height nearly 250 m, Mainibas is a sacred hidden heavenly water fall. The sound produced by this water fall is incomparable with any other falls.This is also an ideal habitat for number of birds both local and migratory. Diversity of flora is also amazing and plenty of wild animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, Serow,Ghoral, Barking Deer, Himalayan Palm Civet, Leopard are found in this region .  



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