Mountain Climbing

A Stunning view of Mount Khangchendzonga and its range

.The state of Sikkim has many mountains,but for the people of Sikkim, Mount Khangchendzonga is more then just the 3rd highest peak in the world it is also the abode of the states guardian deity. To them all of these mountains are sacred. Mount Khangchendzonga literally means five treasures of the eternal snow and it houses many treasures .During the visit of Guru Padmasamvawa, He blessed all of the mountains, lands, rivers and lakes.. the Sikkimese Government has issued permits to climb some the peaks ,You can choose what peak you want to climb from the list below,

Name of the Peaks
Mt. Tinchengkhang (5,803 meters)            West Sikkim
Mt. Frey’s peak Chaurigang  ( 5,630 meters)   West Sikkim 
Mt. Lama Angden ( 5,900 meters) Lachen             North Sikkim                     
Mt. Joponu (6110 meters)                        West Sikkim
Mt. Brumkhangse, Yumthang ,                               North Sikkim
Booking must be made well in advance as there can sometimes be a lengthy waiting list for some of the more popular peaks and also for us to organize all the particulars
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