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up and coming treks in sikkim, nepal and bhutan

namaste, soon Hidden paradise adventure tours will be releasing details of treks to the neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan, so keep an eye out for these dates

Gochala trek

namaste, leaving with another group to trek up to the famous Gochala pass in Sikkim, this group is from germany and they will see all the amazing sights, from the rhododendrons forests up to the Khangchendzonga mountain range, when you look into the Gochala pass you can see the entrance into Nepal, we will be …

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International Rhododendron Festival in Yumthang, Sikkim

Namaste, now is the time for all you rhododendron lovers to book a trek to Sikkim, to see all the wonderful plants in full bloom, this year the international rhododendron festival will be held in Yumthang, northern Sikkim, so book a place with Hidden paradise Adventure tours through our contacts page

Bhumchu Festival in Tashiding Sikkim

Namaste, there are many festivals in Sikkim every year, celebrating everything from its culture, its religions and its flora and fauna, here is to important dates that are coming up 19-20 March is the Bhumchu( bhum is the pot and chu is the water) festival at the Tashiding monastery approx 22 km from Yuksam, this …

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Homestay trekking in Sikkim

Namaste, why not try out a homestay trek in Sikkim, you can try  out the Delicious organic food is picked fresh daily and cooked straight from the garden and surrounding  jungle. Eat along side the family, around the earth packed oven with open fire, you will be provided with a sumptuous variety of meals. Activities …

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Uttarkhand trek

Hidden paradise adventure tours  are now starting a trekking service to the Nandadevi and Garwal areas within the state of Uttarkhand, we are also looking in the future at leading treks to ladakh and zanskar

Yuksams rhododendrons

namaste everyone, in Yuksam organizing up and coming treks, Yuksam really is a special place full of spirituality and peace, a real place to find yourself, this is a special time of the year as the rhododendrons around the Yuksams sacred lake are coming into bloom, soon they will be full of beautiful red flowers, …

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