A belated thank you for our sikkim trek

Dear Dawa
It took little bit time for my answer, bath I am writing now finally.
End of September and beginning of October 2010 we did a very nice trek in
Sikkim. It was end of the monsoon and the wetter was already better, bath
not perfect. Perfect was in retour for it our guide (Dawa Tsering) and his
crew. All young men with lot of enthusiasms and need to make the trek us
agreeable us possible.
We started in Yunksam, passed marvelous rhododendron forests witnessed
sunrise on the Dzongri-Pik (ca. 3300 m ) with great view  of many wonderful
Picks with altitude between 5800 and 8400 m. Of course, Mt. Pandin was
omnipresent. Unfortunately was the wetter on the day when we wanted to reach
the Goachala pass quite bad (lot of clouds and thick fog), so I decided
after I reached the View point (4500 m) to go back to the camp. Our trek
back to Yunksam was also very nice and good. In Yunksam we sad good-bye to
our crew and proceeded with our driver and Dawa towards Darjeeling. Also on
this trip demonstrated Dawa his knowledge's about the country, culture and
religion in the best way. We enjoyed this part of India very much.
We wish Dawa all the best and hope that he will have a lot of success in the
Jan Vajnorsky, Switzerland