Trekking season is upon us

Namaste to all our new and future friends, trekking season fro 2013 is know upon us, we are looking forward to meeting our new friends from all over the world, we are know taking bookings for April through to June and for September to December and if your really adventurous then any month!, this year we will leading treks into every area of Sikkim as well as Ladakh and Bhutan, 2013 will be a very busy year for Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours as continue to push to be the number 1 trekking company in Sikkim, we will also be continuing to raise money for the children of St Anthonys Primary School in Mungpoo, we are hoping tp raise enough money to buy some land and start building a school that they can call their own, my partner Timothy Atkinson is designing and building a show garden for the Southport Flower Show in North-west England to raise awarness and to raise funds, so why not choose  Hidden Paradise Adventure Tours and visit the beautiful state of Sikkim.

regards Dawa