Sikkims Culture

The vast majority of Sikkim’s inhabitants are Nepalese who started coming in from Nepal in the 19th century, today the Nepalese make up approx 70% of Sikkim’s population. other ethnic groups within Sikkim are the original inhabitants called The Lepchas and the Bhutias who came in from Eastern Tibet, there are also the peoples of the Marwaris, Biharis and Bengalis.

The lepchas and the Bhutias form the cornerstone of Sikkimese culture and in the months of August and September they hold the Phang Labsol festival which celebrates there brotherhood pact and also in commemoration of Sikkim’s Deity Mount Khangchendzonga

About Sikkims Flora and fauna

Sikkim is a place with a rich and diverse ecosystem which is due to its quite incredible topographical variety, because of this Sikkim is unique in that it is a virtual open air science laboratory , where one can study the huge variety of Sikkim’s Flora and fauna Ecosystem The British naturalist Sir J.D.Hooker spent …

Advice on travelling to sikkim

Advice on travelling to Sikkim Air to/from Bagdogra Sikkim does not have any airports or railheads because of its rough terrain, however, the first airport of the state is expected to be ready by 2011 in Pakyong, 30 km (19 mi) away from Gangtok. The closest airport is Bagdogra Airport which is West Bengal( the …